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Grinding wheels & stones

Grinding wheels & stones

Large material removal or delicate finishes: a wide choice of grinding wheels and abrasive stones.

Grinding wheels & stones
Grinding wheels & stones

Large material removal or delicate finishes: a wide choice of grinding wheels and abrasive stones.

Grinding wheels, precision grinding wheels and abrasive stones: All the tools for grinding or sharpening.

In the cutlery trade, as in most industrial trades, the grinding of metal parts is an everyday process to remove weld seams, deburr cut edges, adjust components or sharpen blades or drills.
The industrial cutler, craftsman or simple private individual for his hobbies will pay a great deal of attention to the grinding of his knife blades and the adjustment of the mechanisms of closing knives.
SPAP Soucille offers a wide range of tools specifically dedicated to each of the knife manufacturing ranks.
Grinding wheels, precision grinding wheels on shanks and abrasive stones for sharpening are the guarantee of a certain saving of time and an irreproachable quality of result.

Grinding wheels for bench reels.

Indispensable in the workshop, bench grinders are there to make all your grinding, honing or large material removal work easier.
Depending on the task, the profile of the wheel, its dimensions, the grain size and the type of abrasive it is made of are all important.
Fine grinding wheels from 0.13 to 0.31in thick, with or without a rounded profile, will help you sharpen saw chains, drills and, why not, quickly produce some beautiful guilloche figures.
More traditional abrasive wheels from 0.51 to 0.98in for more substantial removal of material such as shaping a blade, tang or spring and, for the most skilful, achieving a homogeneous and balanced grinding of your blades.
Finally, vitrified cup grinding wheels are the specialists for the meticulous sharpening and grinding of your cutting tools.
To offer you the best in professional quality, we are partners with one of the world's leading manufacturers of grinding wheels and grinding tools, the German TYROLIT.

Grinding wheels on shank Ø0.12 or 0.24in.

Our assortment of mounted abrasive wheels are the right tools to put all work in hard-to-reach areas at your fingertips.
With a wide range of sizes, shapes or grit types, all polishing or adjustment tasks become possible easily, quickly and perfectly.
These precision mounted abrasive wheels will be used with more ease and dexterity attached to a flexible drill chuck or better, with a professional polishing machine.

Our dressing, sharpening, honing or polishing stones: all the steps for a perfect edge.

For the cutler, the quality of the cutting edge of his knife blades reveals the perfection of the work done.
The better the tools used, the better the result.
SPAP Soucille has selected for you the best natural or reconstituted abrasive stones from internationally renowned specialist manufacturers:
Gesswein polishing stones, the American specialist in tools for metallurgists for over a hundred years, are used manually or with a tool holder. They are designed to meticulously and accurately remove scale and imperfections caused by electrical discharge machining (EDM) on hard or very hard steel parts such as cutting tools or stamping dies and stamping presses.
Our sharpening stones are of natural origin, extracted from the last French quarry located in the Pyrenees. Traditionally shaped in the old way, they are used by hand to give your blades an exceptional edge and, why not, perfect nails with our natural stone nail files.

Grinding wheels or precision polishing stones, we offer all the tools for grinding, sharpening or sharpening.


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