Abrasive caps of various shapes for finishing-sanding of shaped workpieces.


Abrasive caps of various shapes for finishing-sanding of shaped workpieces.

Convenient abrasive caps for recessed parts.

Abrasive caps are made of cloth and a ceramic or corundum abrasive.
Their small diameters, from 5 to 16 mm (0.20 to 0.63in), allow access to difficult areas and, above all, to be used at the end for sanding or polishing recesses in high-tech mechanical parts.

Abrasive caps for all materials.

The red SKWR and SKWK series ceramic coated abrasive caps are self-sharpening and designed for the hardest materials including stainless steel, with exceptionally long life.
The green SKS series caps are coated with a normal corundum abrasive with an active abrasive surface layer that further improves stock removal.
SKS caps are ideally suited for working on corrosion and heat-resistant steels as well as for universal machining of plastics, non-ferrous metals and many other materials.

Suitable rubber mounts.

Abrasive caps cannot be used without the appropriate rubber mounts.
Mounted on a 3mm or 6mm (0.12 to 0.24in) rod, these holders hold the caps securely in place due to the expansion caused by rotation when the drive machine is in operation.
Of course, it is imperative to use holders with a diameter that matches the diameter of the caps.

How to use the abrasive caps?

The abrasive caps are used with straight grinders or electroportable or pneumatic polishing machines with a chuck (or collet) on a hose. The 3mm or 6mm (0.12 to 0.24in) clamps allow all types of holders to be fitted and thus the caps to be used for material removal (coarse grit) or finish polishing (fine grit) on parts with difficult access and recessed machining such as injection moulds or stamping dies.
If you have any questions about our abrasive rings, caps and coils, please do not hesitate to contact our team!
With nearly one hundred references of rings, caps and bobbins in stock, SPAP Soucille can meet all requests, for all needs.

A cap for every work area!

The shapes of the abrasive caps, always used with their respective holders, can be as diverse as the parts to be reached: cylindrical with a flat end, cylindrical with a round end, cylindrical with a conical end... These shapes of caps make it possible to reach all the places for precision polishing. With a choice of diameters from 5 to 16 mm (0.20 to 0.63in) and grit sizes from P80 to P320, the caps can be used for almost any mechanical part, even highly technical ones. Like the rings, the caps are generally intended for use with straight or hose-mounted grinders with speeds up to 57,000 rpm. The supports are made of grooved rubber, which ensures a safe and secure hold of the cap.

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