Polishing discs

Polishing discs

Sewn or loose textile discs for polishing all surfaces of materials.

Polishing discs
Polishing discs

Sewn or loose textile discs for polishing all surfaces of materials.

SPAP Soucille has been marketing polishing discs for several decades, and more specifically models dedicated to steels, metals and materials for cutlery and goldsmiths.

Partnerships with the largest manufacturers.

Over the years, SPAP Soucille has developed partnerships with manufacturers recognised worldwide for their know-how.
Internationally renowned INDUSTRIAS CID has been designing and manufacturing polishing discs for over 50 years.
Always at the forefront of research, INDUSTRIAS CID innovates and produces ever more efficient discs made from natural cotton or sisal fibres. Loose or sewn cotton, cotton flannel, sisal, ventilated, wavy or pleated: INDUSTRIAS CID polishing discs all have a specific use for a very precise result.

The polishing felts, with versatile qualities depending on their density, are the result of a partnership with the French manufacturer LAOUREUX, which has been manufacturing technical felts made from 100% natural merino wool without the addition of any chemical products and which are biodegradable since 1923.

All types of discs for an optimal result.

Made of felt, sisal, cotton or mixed, the polishing discs can be compact, ventilated, corrugated or pleated. We offer specific sisal polishing discs for cutlery and goldsmiths, as well as CORD T models dedicated to the polishing of shaped pieces. Mixed sisal/cotton sewn discs are available for use on smooth pieces of all types of metals or as a preparation for polishing with cotton discs.

How to best use them?

The discs are made from specific materials and using specific techniques, so that each type of disc will have its own specific application for the desired result: satin, mirror polish, sharpening, etc. The discs are generally used with an impregnation of polishing paste depending on the result you want to obtain on your parts. Our discs are supplied with or without impregnation, leaving you the possibility of applying your own homemade polishing paste mixtures. They are recommended for optimal results on stainless steel, steel alloys, titanium or fibreglass.

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