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Machines and accessories

Machines and accessories

Workshop machines, accessories and assembly products, equipment and personal protection.

Machines and accessories
Machines and accessories

Workshop machines, accessories and assembly products, equipment and personal protection.

SPAP Soucille has been a specialist in backstands, contact wheels and accessories for cutlers since 1962.

For several decades, SPAP Soucille has been working closely with cutlery manufacturers, whether they are industrial, craftsmen or hobbyists.
We have selected for you a range of machines for cutlery workshops (backstands, grinders, polishing or satin-finishing machines, etc.) and accessories to optimise their functionality or to allow and facilitate certain machining operations.
We offer a wide choice of contact wheels, one of the essential elements of your backstands. Smooth, grooved, rubber, Vulkollan®, all diameters and widths adapted to the abrasive belts used by cutlers.
To adapt your backstands or reels, contact wheels or polishing discs, grinding wheels or brushes, we offer all the rings, bushes and flanges for a perfect assembly.
Putty, glue, knife cement: The latest technologies for mounting your fixed blade knives, as well as the oldest and most traditional ones, are on our online shop.
Backstands are, of course, a must in the knifemaker's workshop. But what about the indispensable angle grinder?
For finishing work, we offer a range of straight grinders and satin finishers.
The essentials of the cutler's workshop also include degreasing products, cleaning products and protective equipment.
With our experience, and above all that of our users, we offer products and equipment that have been extensively tested in compliance with national, European and global safety standards, with the constant concern of controlling your costs.

Backstands, reels and belt sanders of major brands.

For maximum reliability and controlled costs, we are partners with the leading manufacturers of reels, belt sanders (Bosch) and backstands (Goset).
We offer two models of Goset backstands to choose from, depending on the requirements of your business. The Goset backstands can be completed at your own pace by a series of accessories that will allow you to facilitate your grinding or sanding operations by increasing your efficiency tenfold (supports, additional arms, contact wheels, rollers, etc.).

All contact wheels for your backstands.

Contact wheels for the evolution, adaptation or maintenance of your workshop machines, and in particular your backstands.
For many years we have been relying on the Italian manufacturer RUCOS, the specialist in contact and drive wheels since 1964.
Smooth, grooved, ventilated: contact wheels can be found in many areas of application in craft and industrial workshops. Aluminium or ultra-light resin pulleys coated with specific materials (rubber, polymer, neoprene, vulkollan©, etc.), they prove to be very useful, especially as backstands for sanding or polishing operations.

Accessories to facilitate assembly.

Mounting accessories are often very useful and sometimes indispensable. Mounting sleeves for grinding wheels and drills provide a secure hold for your rotating tools. Professional adhesives and sealants provide durable seals.

Lubricants and cleaners.

The recommended lubricants and cleaners for optimal use of your polishing stones, but also hand washing creams and skin protection.

Protect yourself, protect others.

Some workshop operations or handling of potentially dangerous products or the use of machines require adequate protection, which is highly recommended, if not essential. SPAP Soucille offers a wide range of protective equipment, including specific gloves for all types of use, in strict compliance with the European and international standards in force.



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