Wheels and Discs

Wheels and Discs

Wheels, flap wheels and abrasive discs... SPAP Soucille provides you with everything you need for your work.

Wheels and Discs
Wheels and Discs

Wheels, flap wheels and abrasive discs... SPAP Soucille provides you with everything you need for your work.

Compact wheels and abrasive and polishing discs.

SPAP Soucille has a wide range of compact wheels and abrasive and polishing discs for all purposes. Whatever the work to be carried out and the materials to be treated, we offer wheels and abrasive and polishing discs with bores of different diameters or mounted on rods suitable for carrying out major preparation or finishing work on all types of surfaces.
In partnership with the largest manufacturers of abrasive and polishing discs such as VSM Abrasives, Lukas Erzett, CID Industrias, Bibielle, each specialised in its own field, SPAP Soucille offers industrialists and craftsmen as well as private individuals professional abrasive and polishing discs for a quality result.

Flap wheels, compact wheels... Different types, different uses.

Flap wheels on cloth loaded with abrasive grains from 40 to 500 can be flexible or rigid, notched or notched for easier access to the surfaces of complex shaped parts. Nylon flap wheels and compact wheels are made up of a non-woven nylon fibre mat creating a three-dimensional structure in which abrasive grains are incorporated for great flexibility which allows them to adapt to all part geometries. They have a very airy structure which limits clogging and increases their longevity.

Abrasive discs, their variations, their uses.

Our abrasive wheels and discs cover a wide range of applications to suit all needs. Paper or cloth abrasive discs are mainly used on portable electric sanders for sanding surfaces. SPAP Soucille offers all types of abrasives in grit sizes from 24 to 320, including fibre discs, DCR discs, flap discs, self-gripping discs and lapidary discs. The nylon discs are filled with alumina aloxite (A/O = Aluminium Oxide or Corundum) or silicon carbide (S/C) in Coarse (C), Medium (M), Fine (F), Very Fine (VF), Ultra Fine (UF) and Micro Fine (MF) grits for a wide range of applications. Our nylon abrasive wheels and discs can be used on a wide range of materials with excellent results on stainless steel, steel alloys, titanium or fibreglass.

Abrasive discs for grinding and cutting.

Grinding and cutting-off wheels are indispensable in the workshop, whether you use an angle grinder or a stationary machine.
Depending on the intended use, we offer a range of discs with diameters of 4.92 or 9.05in and thicknesses of 0.03 to 0.24in.
Whatever the material to be worked on, from the most malleable to the most resistant, you will find the most suitable abrasive discs in straight or offset profiles.

Polishing discs and compact wheels.

For many years, SPAP Soucille has had a strong partnership with CID INDUSTRIAS, a specialist in the manufacture of polishing discs.
Here again, our expertise will help you choose the right type of disc and polishing paste according to the material to be treated and the desired final appearance.
Felt, cotton, flannel, sisal or mixed discs, sewn or not, ventilated or not, pleated: each type of disc corresponds to a very precise use.

Professional technical brushes.

To strip or brush all types of materials, we offer a range of professional technical brushes made in France.
With a flat or cut profile, with steel or stainless steel wires, our technical brushes are available with different wire diameters, from the softest to the hardest.

For your wheels, abrasive and polishing discs or technical brushes, do not hesitate to ask our experts for advice.

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