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SPAP Soucille: all abrasive and polishing products for cutlery.

SPAP Soucille: all abrasive and polishing products.

Since 1962, SPAP Soucille has been supplying all abrasive and polishing products for the cutlery, mechanical industry and craft industries to professionals and private individuals.
For 60 years now, we have been sharing our expertise in abrasive and polishing products with the cutlery industry in Thiers and, more widely, with the mechanical industry and craftsmen of all trades.
Professionals and private individuals alike will find all the abrasive and polishing products, tools and machines, as well as the accessories they need for their professional or leisure activities.

In Thiers, close to our customers.

SPAP Soucille specialises in advice and supplies of industrial and abrasive and polishing products for the cutlery industry and is located in the heart of the cutlery and goldsmiths' production area of Thiers, the world capital of knives.

From traditional products to the most recent technologies for ever greater efficiency.

To meet the constant challenges of technological evolution, SPAP Soucille offers sanding, polishing, grinding and finishing solutions resulting directly from its involvement with professionals in the cutting tool industry (cutlery, surgical instruments, sharpening), the plastics industry (polishing and finishing of injection moulds) and the leather industry (sanding and deburring of leather).

Our partnerships with the largest manufacturers of abrasive and polishing products such as VSM Abrasives, a German manufacturer of abrasive belts and discs and one of the world leaders in the market, or GUBOSA, a manufacturer of polishing pastes for over 30 years, enable us to advise you, propose and test with you the most effective solution for a perfect result and optimisation of your working time.

SPAP Soucille offers a wide choice of abrasive and polishing products with many references in stock.

With 5,000 references in our catalogue, of which nearly 2,500 are immediately available in stock, we ship within the shortest possible time throughout France, Europe and beyond.

With more than 1,700 references of professional abrasive belts, of which more than 800 are in stock, we are sure to have the right one for you. For special requirements, we can supply customised belts or order them for you at short notice.

Choose the format of your abrasive and polishing products in belts, wheels and discs:

Each sanding or polishing operation requires specific abrasive products depending on the desired result but also, sometimes, on the difficulties of access to the parts to be treated and this while optimising treatment times.

To meet these needs, SPAP Soucille puts its experience at your disposal with no less than 530 types of media of all grits, of which nearly 400 are in permanent stock: Abrasive belts, flap wheels, rollers, discs, ventilated discs, compact wheels, rings and caps, sheets, etc.

The abrasive and polishing products selected by SPAP Soucille according to the needs of cutlers and other sectors.

In Thiers, we are well aware of the constraints linked to polishing. Hundreds of years of producing knives, then cutlery, goldsmiths and, more recently, surgical instruments and plastic injection moulds have taught us to develop our expertise in polishing and abrasive products.

In the past, polishers designed and manufactured their own polishing materials and pastes at great expense to their time. For 60 years, SPAP Soucille has been supplying abrasive and polishing products, freeing polishers from these constraints and allowing them to concentrate on their core business. Over the years, SPAP Soucille has become an expert in abrasive products by dint of observation, tests and trials of all kinds, in collaboration with craftsmen and industrialists from all sectors of the trade.

Our abrasive and polishing products: numerous to adapt to all challenges.

Whatever the material to be polished, the type of polish to be obtained or even the complexity of the part to be treated, SPAP Soucille provides a professional solution to any challenge. Polishing steel, stainless steel, wood, plastic or any other material; specular or satin polishing: SPAP Soucille references more than 650 polishing solutions, of which nearly 400 are available in stock.

Polishing pastes, abrasives, corundum, corncob, diamond pastes, discs and felts, stones, polishers and grinding wheels, brushes, fish glue, mounting adhesives, cutlery cement and fillers: Whether you are looking for ready-to-use polishing solutions or to develop your own, we have all the necessary supplies available.

With the added bonus of professional advice to be discovered through our blog articles.

All types of grinding wheels: for drills, notching, grinding, sharpening...

In the metalworking industry, and particularly in the cutlery, surgical instrumentation and plastic injection industries, abrasive and polishing products and grinding tools of various types are indispensable.

Whether it is grinding wheels, serration wheels, reels, wheels for Gedemus grinding machines and other sharpening wheels, cutlery wheels or precision wheels for tool and mould makers, SPAP Soucille offers a wide range of more than 300 types of wheels of all grits and sizes, of which nearly 130 of the most commonly used models are in stock and available immediately. More specific models can be obtained to order at very short notice.

Cutting tools.

For industries where precision is the key word, small tools for mould making, tool making or the manufacture of punches and dies are of great importance.
We offer a wide range of grinding wheels (E-Flex wheels, CM wheels, Gesswein blue wheels), diamond and non-diamond needle files, polishing felts, diamond pastes and polishing stones as well as the fluids, lubricants and cleaners recommended for the use of these precision tools.

The use of these precision tools goes hand in hand with the use of manual tool holders or particularly powerful electro-portable or pneumatic systems which we can order for you from our specialist partners at short notice: Grande and NSK E-Max Evolution electric polishing machines, Sheenus Neo ultrasonic machines, Turbolap pneumatic filing machines and straight or angled precision grinding systems as well as all their specialised accessories for activities where perfect meticulous work, efficiency and optimisation of processing times are important.

SPAP Soucille supports you in all your manufacturing processes, regardless of the materials being processed.
To meet the needs of its customers, SPAP Soucille offers a range of professional tools and accessories, as well as workshop machines.

Workshop machines (bench grinders, backstands, hoovers) and assembly accessories (contact wheels, pulleys, expanding wheels, tensioning wheels, rod bushings, rings, centring flanges in metal, medium or HDPE, flat belts glued or stapled, conveyor belts, etc.): a wide range of professional solutions for all trades in the craft and industry.
Cutting tools: carbide milling cutters, HSS drills, carbide, cobalt or aluminium drills (to order), taps, dies, left-hand turners and die holders, files and handles, diamond straighteners remain the essential tools of the workshop.
Storage bins and dividers to keep everything in order.
Maintenance and cleaning articles (absorbent paper, cloths, soaps and washing creams without solvents and remarkably effective, respectful of the skin and nature for perfectly clean hands.
Personal protection items: The essentials for uncompromising safety in all sectors of activity (masks, gloves, glasses, aprons).
SPAP Soucille is located in the heart of the Felet industrial estate in Thiers in the Puy-de-Dôme, a stone's throw from the A89 Thiers-Ouest motorway exit.

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