Cutting tools

Cutting tools

A wide range of cutting tools for all common workshop operations.

Cutting tools
Cutting tools

A wide range of cutting tools for all common workshop operations.

For drilling, tapping, filing: All the cutting tools for your workshop.

In all areas of metalworking, whether in cutlery workshops or in craft or industrial mechanics, small tools play an important role in carrying out what are sometimes simple but necessary tasks.
A few cutting tools for drilling, milling, tapping, threading or filing help us every day in banal but indispensable tasks.
SPAP Soucille offers a wide range of professional quality milling cutters, taps, dies and needle files from leading manufacturers (LUKAS, ALPHA COUPE, BAHCO, KEMET, etc.)

Professional cutting tools for milling.

Our small-diameter milling cutters are not often used, but they are undeniably useful for a wide range of purposes. Whether it be for perfectly milling a hole, of course, but also for filing or even engraving metal, thanks to their incomparable reliability and precision and a wide variety of shapes.
Used on a chuck drill or on a machine with a flexible chuck or Ø0.12 or 0.24in collet, our professional drills, from Ø0.12 to 0.63in in diameter, from the cutting tools manufacturer ALPHA COUPE, provide many services.

High performance drills for drilling.

Whatever your professional or leisure activities and the materials you work with, drill bits are indispensable in the workshop.
They must provide a perfect precision cut and impeccable reliability, particularly for professional and amateur cutlers, for drilling bolsters, plates and handles for rivets, pins or mounting screws.
SPAP Soucille has selected for you ALPHA COUPE's high performance HSS and solid carbide drills, French manufacturer of professional cutting tools since 1994.

Needle files for cutlers, engravers, precision mechanics, violin makers, watchmakers and goldsmiths.

Mini files for manual use, with or without tool holder, these files will find their place as well with the precision mechanics as with the virtuosos of engraving or chiselling and the cutlers of art.
Used to perfect the adjustment of a folding knife or to carry out guilloche work on blades, springs, plates or bolsters, our BAHCO professional needle files come in as many shapes, profiles and types of cut as the artist's imagination may require.
Our robust and aggressive diamond needle files allow for fast and precise material removal and require a high level of skill. They can also be used for perfect polishing of small surfaces.

Diamond dressers to maintain your grindind wheels.

For dressing and grinding your wheels, SPAP Soucille offers a single-point diamond dresser with a 1-carat diamond tip that is as effective as it is practical.
With this tool, your grinding wheels find a perfect geometry and an efficiency as in the first day.


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