Wheels and flap wheels

Wheels and flap wheels

All types of wheels on flanges or rods for surface treatment and preparation.

Wheels and flap wheels
Wheels and flap wheels

All types of wheels on flanges or rods for surface treatment and preparation.

SPAP Soucille offers a wide range of compact or convoluted abrasive wheels, flap wheels (on shank or not), adapted to all your work.

Flap wheels, a major asset for polishing.

Flap wheels consist of radial flaps fixed on a hub. The hub itself can be bored or mounted on a shaft for ease of use. The flexibility of the cloth flap wheels and the notched flap abrasive wheels allows them to adapt to all shapes and ensures a more even finish and ease of adaptation to the work to be done. Their function as a polishing tool makes them ideal for cleaning parts after satin finishing, for preparation before polishing, for cleaning parts after machining, for surface connection or for light deburring. Their use gives excellent results on wood, plastic and metals, mainly stainless steel.

Flap wheel on shaft, to be mounted on your machines.

SPAP Soucille offers in its range, nylon flap wheels, non-woven nylon flap abrasive wheels where alumina aloxite or silicon carbide abrasive grains are incorporated as well as cloth, Scotch-Brite™ and mixed flap wheels.
Due to their small size, mounted flap wheels can be used with lightweight power tools for smooth working of modestly sized or hard-to-reach surfaces. Flap wheels can be cut to fit the shape of the workpiece to be polished. With diameters ranging from 15 to 80 mm (0.59 to 3.1in) and shanks from 3 to 8 mm (0.12 to 0.31in), flap wheels are available in grit sizes from P40 to P320. Whether the material to be processed is metal, plastic, composite, wood or other, SPAP Soucille has the right flap wheels for the job in stock or to order.

Compact and convolute wheels, to be mounted on drums.

Convolute or compact abrasive wheels consist of a central core on which are wound several layers of non-woven nylon impregnated with a binder and loaded with silicon carbide abrasive grains of various grain sizes and densities. Convolute wheels are compact and used for a variety of metalworking applications. Generally mounted on a bench grinder, convolute or compact wheels are particularly useful for removing burrs, rust and oxides from steel, stainless steel, titanium and special alloys. Depending on their grade and density, convolute or compact wheels can also be used for deburring, sanding or polishing welds, performing a scratch finish or preparing substrates before applying decorative finishes.

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